Eager to sharpen your leadership communication about Belgium or Germany?

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Are you a C-level expat or a manager looking to communicate smoothly with Belgium or Germany? Would you like to know more about those crucial cultural differences? Would you like a sparring partner and confidant in your expat story? I help your communication story succeed with 360° coaching. Schön dich kennen zu lernen!

XEls boosts your confidence & leadership skills

Looking for an a-typical way of coaching? Then you've come to the right place! Can be in a meeting room, in a squash hall or while walking. As an expat or manager, you not only encounter a foreign language, but also social differences and a different business culture. Do you want to bridge cultural barriers smoothly and confidently? I coach expats and managers to flawlessly tune their leadership communication to the local market. Completely according to your rhythm and needs.

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